23 Things on a Stick / Web 2.0

23 Things on a Stick

OK if there were ever a project, I wish I had done, it would be this – 23 Things on a Stick (http://23thingsonastick.blogspot.com). It’s a self-directed tutorial on Web 2.0 applications. (For readers outside of Minnesota – we put everything on a stick at our State Fair and I presume that’s the etymology of the name.)

Anyways, the first task on the tutorial is to start a blog (so I’m going to cheat and use Byte of the Week https://byteoftheweek.wordpress.com/). In fairness, I’ve done a bunch of the tasks already – but there are a few I haven’t so I’m excited to get going on it. I won’t send emails on my progress, but I will post updates on the blog.

You can see a list of the 23 things here:

Anyone can lurk around the event. It looks like official participation is limited to folks related to libraries, but I think they’re pretty loose with their definition. If you really want to participate and don’t have a library affiliation, please let me know and I’ll hook you up. If you decide to participate – please let me know.

5 thoughts on “23 Things on a Stick

  1. Hi! Glad you did it and thanks for promoting it! This is cheating at all — the “thing” is to create a blog which you have more than successfully done!
    As you officially do the “things” and comment on them, title the blogpost Thing 1, Thing 2 etc and we’ll track your progress. That way we won’t get sidetracked by your other posts.

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