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Two people sent me the following article for the Byte so I figured I should pass it on:

17 Tips for Getting Bloggers to Write about You

First, I’ll add that there are two main reasons you want to get bloggers to write about you. First, a lot of people read blogs so a mention in a blog can bring readers to your site. Second, search engines love blogs so a link from a blog helps your ranking with the search engines.

Two other things I’d add. If you are OK with a blogger using a graphic from your web site, say so. Lots of bloggers will use images anyways, but some will want permission and giving it to them right away helps the blogger skip a step.

Finally, be specific with why they might write about you. Sure, you’re cool and all that – but what’s the connection from them to you. We’re all busy and everyone loves a shortcut.

One thought on “Attract Bloggers

  1. Useful information to consider when blogging. As I think about the blogs that I follow regularly it is clear that the best bloggers are using many of these tips.

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