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RSS Headline Feeds

Sometimes it’s nice to feed headlines from one web site or blog into another. For example, maybe you have a blog that you maintain pretty often and a web site that is pretty static.

A quick and easy way to update that web site is to add the code on your homepage to grab headlines from your blog to rotate on your web site. Or maybe you don’t have a blog but you might grab headlines from another resource such as an industry magazine or the weather. If that resources offers an RSS feed; you can do it.

I want to thank Ruth in Detroit Lakes for telling me about a new (to me) resource for creating that code: Feed2JS: http://feed2js.org/

The site walks you through the process – and if you can add code to your web site, you can do this.

I hope Ruth won’t mind – but here’s the code in action: http://www.nlln.org – just scroll down to the blog headlines. Ruth’s blog is fun to read. She’s a librarian with a techie bent in Detroit Lakes, MN.

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