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Google Analytics

I’m on vacation this week! So I’m tempted to give a cure for sunburn – but we have been good and I can tell you with confidence that we’re as pale as ever – but not in pain.

I have talked about Google Analytics before but I have a renewed interest: http://www.google.com/analytics/

Google Analytics is a free web traffic software. It’s good and it’s cheap. But my favorite thing? You can schedule regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly) email updates on your traffic.

You need a Google account (which is free) and then you’ll need to sing up and post some tracking code into the pages of the web site that you want monitored. If you use a template for your site, you can add the code there and that will work. If you don’t/can’t access your code you can easily send the code to your webmaster and she should be able to add it for you.

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