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Go Daddy & Updating Web Site

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how to create a cheap and easy web site. Today I’m talking about taking it one step forward. Mostly, I found a newish feature in Go Daddy that makes it easier than ever for someone who doesn’t know html to update a web site.

Go Daddy is a web host. It’s cheap. I’ve always been happy with them. They have a “site builder” option, which I don’t think it great but for plain old web hosting it’s great. It’s a good option if you want to build a site in html and upload it somewhere or if you want to have someone build it for you.

Once the site is built it is not too hard to make text changes or change a picture using software such as Dreamweaver Contribute, but Contribute is getting more expensive. I just noticed that Go Daddy now lets you log into your web site through a backend administrative tool. So without having any special software you can now get into the site to make changes.

I’ll add some screenshots on making change to the blog (if you want to see). The good news is that it’s very easy change the site – the bad news is that it’s very easy to change the site – so you might end up making changes that are more dramatic than you want. But if you are careful I think this would be a good way to maintain a site with text changes – maybe calling in an expert when you need something more.

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