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Filtering Comments on WordPress

Sorry today’s Byte is pretty specific for bloggers who wants to filter out comments they receive in WordPress. (For those who don’t have a WordPress blog (http://wordpress.com/), here’s a fun site that lets you Photoshop yourself to this week’s inauguration: http://www.myinauguralphoto.com/.)

Recently a few folks have told me that they are getting spam from their blogs – people are trying to add spam-like comments. You can filter out those comments before they even come to you for consideration. You could turn off the ability to post comments altogether – but that’s no good. You can filter posts that contain certain terms.

Go to your dashboard (where you type in the posts)
Click on Settings in the bottom of the sidebar
Click on Discussion

From here you’ll see a bunch of moderation options – including an area where you can filter out comments that contain a certain term. I had an issue once where I was getting tons of spam but all from the same IP address – adding that number to the blacklist list fixed my problem.

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