Web 2.0

Blogging & Twitter

Yesterday I gave a presentation in Duluth. It was a fun group of nonprofits who were interested in why someone might want to blog or Twitter. (Learn more about the group here: http://twitter.com/techtues  

I thought I’d share the presentation with Byte Readers:

Also there was a follow up question:

How can I find people on Twitter?
There is a people search http://twitter.com/invitations/find_on_twitter – which is very OK. It really depends on the amount of info your Twitter friend has provided. The advanced Twitter search can also be helpful: http://search.twitter.com/advanced.  (It allows you to search by location.)

Also people wanted more info on promoting blogs and Tweets. I thought I had a post on that but I’m not finding it – so that will be my post week.

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