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Social media success with Learning Zone Express

Earlier this summer I started working with Learning Zone Express. They create and sell posters, books, curricula and more related to kids’ health and nutrition. Some stuff is geared towards teachers and schools; some is more for families. (I love their foodscapes – pictures of animals created with food.)

Anyways we met to start a social media strategy for the group. They have started to use Twitter and YouTube and they have really been rocking on the Learning Zone Express blog. You have to check it out – but I strongly suggest you check it out on a Friday when they have their big poster sales.

They know their customers and their industry so well. They were able to jump in right away to create posts that would interest their customers. Sometimes they blog about themselves; sometimes they blog about what other folks are doing, what they’ve read or the conferences they are attending. They’ve done a good job tying the blog into their web site.

The readership is good and the reaction to the Friday poster sales have been tremendous – despite the fact that a lot of their target market takes the summer off. I was especially pleased when their online marketing efforts were recognized by the local paper.

We’ve really spent the summer building up a base for the social media tools – creating consistency, a voice and skills. Our next plan is to work on some solid campaigns where we will use the social media tools to promote the company or products in ways that are completely new.

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