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Happy New Year!

I wanted to start the year off with a Byte with the hope that it would keep me on tracking for weekly (not sporadic) updates for 2010.

This site is a month too late for me (now that we’re in Dublin and our house is occupied in MN) but I thought it might help others: Second Porch:

It’s a Facebook Application that helps you promote or find vacation housing. I can’t speak too much about adding a property, except that it’s free – but I can say that searching for a place is easy. Each listing includes comments, recommendations, fans and any connection you might have to the location. (So if you have a friend who has a friend who stayed there you might see that show up.) Place are available for rent or trade.

If you have a place to rent/trade it might be worth checking out. Or it may be a way to find nice accommodations for your next vacation.

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