Making Life Easier

Readability – and favor

Thanks to Peter in St Paul for sending me the following web tool:


It is a funny tool that pulls the main content of a web site away from any clutter to make it easier to read. I’ve used it on a few sites. I find it kind of helpful – but I think if you had any difficulty reading a computer screen – maybe due to visual impairments –it could be a big helper. You can decide how you want to view the site, which font, how large, white on dark text or dark on white and how much margin. Again for most of us this might be more interesting than helpful but if you do know someone with issues reading online this might be gold.

Now my favor – I am on the board of the Twin Cities Daily Planet & TC Media Alliance. You may have read the TCDP: or perhaps you have attended a TCMA event or class. One of our big goals is to promote citizens journalism and give voice to everyone. I wonder if you would take a look and consider becoming a member (it’s free, you just sign up). Members can post comments and blogs. If you have a tale to tell you might even consider contributing a story. If you want to become a contributing member (ie give money) that’s even better – but that’s not what I’m asking, I’m just asking you to consider the free membership and see how it goes.) If you do become a member, please let me know. I’m on a mission to spread the good word.

Thanks! Ann

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