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Esty & SEO for WordPress

I have a double Byte today. The first part is for everyone:

Esty: – it’s like e-bay for handmade stuff. Go there to buy unique handmade items or sell items if you make them. (I learned about it at the Blandin Conference last week – where I was also inspired to learn at least one new thing a week, which hopefully will keep me on top of the Bytes!)

The second part is for anyone who uses WordPress (on their own  server) and wants to improve Search Engine Optimization.

All in One SEO Pack:

With All in One you can add meta tags (which are back in vogue) and make alterations to the title tags. You add it as you would any Plugin. Once added you’ll be able to access it under the WordPress Setting in the Dashboard. You need to administer it before you enable it. The top section is pretty straightforward, you add the title, meta-keywords and meta-description. Next you can a make modifications to the titles that show up in posts and pages – but it’s not as easy to set up. You can select what types of information you want to include in the title, such as the header, blog name, post categories or add your own text. Then you can set up no-index codes for categories and archives, which can be a good way to make sure that search engines aren’t penalizing you for duplicate content.

Once enabled you will also be able to set titles for each page and post when you write them – just scroll down for the option.

If you want more instructions on the setting the All in One options you can get more details here:

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