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GiveMN personal campaigns

November 16 is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. For readers outside Minnesota, GiveMN ( is a big fundraising web site. They funnel funds to area nonprofits. They promote Nov 16 as a day of giving. I think it’s a great idea.

Nonprofits can set up their own pages on GiveMN and are encouraged to reach out to donors to give on the designated day. Last year GiveMN matched funds raised; though the participation was much larger than expected and the match was then quite low. This year they are offering hourly kind-of random bonuses.

GiveMN allow for easy online engagement. They offer easy “sharing” options but also individuals are invited to set up personal campaign sites for their favorite charities. You can upload photos, videos and of course text. Then you can easily share your site via email, Twitter, Facebook and other channels. It takes about 10-15 minutes to set up – it requires more writing (or photo or video) skills than technical skills and it’s a fun way to help promote your favorite charity.

So today is a total Byte cheat. I did want to tell folks about the program in time for you to send up your own campaigns for Nov 16 – but also it gives me a chance to send you to mine in case you were looking for an opportunity to give:

Clearly no expectations here – but feel free to test it out

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