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New Facebook Page Changes

Today’s Byte is a little geeky. So for folks who aren’t involved with Facebook pages I have a quick hit. It’s my new favorite non-techie TED talk: – Jamie Oliver on the importance of teaching kids to eat and cook healthily.

On to Facebook Changes…

Facebook just made a bunch of changes – for the most part it seems as if the changes relate to the pages more than personal accounts. At this point if you are a page admin, you can opt into “upgrade”, but on March 10, all pages will be upgraded. I administer a few FB pages. Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed:

  • The layout of the page has changed. It now more closely mirrors the personal profile pages. That includes increased prominence of images – so perhaps an incentive to get more pictures on your page.
  • You can modify the posts on your wall even more. You can have the most popular posts rise to the top.
  • Pages now can act like personal accounts to some degree. My favorite change – it’s easier to get notifications when someone posts on your page or posts. Also you can now “like” other pages and posts comments on other pages as a page. I like this change a lot too. I think it will make it much easier to interact with other pages, which should make it easier to promote your page with thoughtful interactions.
  • If you are Admin to multiple pages, you can still login as page to choose featured likes and make comments as an individual page.

So if I’m administering a Facebook Page/Strategy, what does this mean? To start, my plan is to like, feature and comment on other key Facebook pages. The first step is to find the pages that I think are good links, which means my fans will be intersted in what they say and their fans are people I want to reach. Then find an organic way to interact with that page (as a page). I’ll probably start by sharing their posts. Who doesn’t want to be sahred?


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