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Today’s Byte is kind of fun and either just what you needed or totally useless.

MobyGratis – is a website where nonprofits (and others) and download music for use in non-commercial film or video. It’s maintained by the Moby, the musician.

A quick note of explanation – you can’t legally use any old music you find online in your video. Someone will have rights to the music you want to use; you need to get permission from them. Some folks make is easy and affordable; some do not. Rather than create something that you may not be able to show anywhere they care about copyright, you might consider using MobyGratis. (Businesses can also download music there for a fee.)

On an unrelated note, I’ll be giving an intro webinar on Google Analytics through MNREM (as part of a project called MIRC):
When: May 3 at noon (CST)
Register here:

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