Private Photo Vault App – a secret folder for secret pictures

I have to give props to my kid’s school for sending out info on this app. I appreciate them keeping an eye out and sharing. I have three kids, three schools – only one is this good about sharing info. The following talks about the iPhone app, but it’s also available on Android…

Private Photo Vault allows you to import photos into albums and hide them behind a PIN lock. Beyond basic password protection, the app has two other bonus features called “break-in report” and “decoy password.” If someone tries to enter the app, it will secretly take a photo of the person and log their GPS location so you can see who was trying to access your private photos. You also have the option to set up a decoy password that launches a different set of pictures.

Hidden-photo vaults, such as Calculator% (looks like calculator app), Keep Safe, Private Photo Vault, and Best Secret Folder, are places to keep photos out of view from a prying parent or friend (there are many more if you Google or type in secret photo on the app store). They share key features, including:

  • requiring a password for access
  • hiding their true purpose (Fake calculator apps actually do function as a calculator but double as a way to input a secret code and stash secret pictures.)
  • sounding an alarm or snapping a picture when accessed to catch anyone trying to break

To check and see if they have these apps:  on iPhones go into Settings -> Privacy -> Camera to see which apps have used the camera. This will reveal any camera apps disguised as something else.

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