How to Change your Name on Facebook

I had a friend with this issue; he wanted to change his name on Facebook. Looking up the answer I thought this could be the excuse I need to get back to regular Bytes.

There is a “regular way” to simple submit a name change detailed on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/173909489329079

There’s also a way to add a secondary (think stage) name:

  1. Click Edit Profile.
  2. Click Details About You.
  3. Click Add a nickname, a birth name… below Other Names.
  4. Select the type of name you want to add next to Name Type.
  5. Enter your other name.
  6. Check Show at top of profile to have your other name shown next to your full name at the top of your profile.
  7. Click Save.

Hope that helps!   Ann



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