Look it Up! Online Dictionaries

This week I thought I’d post some of my favorite online dictionaries. – Just like it sounds this site seems to draw from various dictionaries and will provide pronunciation and definitions. There is also a thesaurus link.

Webopedia – This is the best resources if you have a computer or Internet term to look up.

Glossarist – I heard about this one through the James J Hill library, it links to dictionaries on a wide range of topics from business to biodiversity.

Your Dictionary – They have lots of features but I especially like the translation piece that includes French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

MacBain’s Dictionary – Especially for my friends with an interest in Irish.

Anishinabe Language – Includes audio files of phrases for a number of American Indian languages. And the phrases aren’t from traditional language lessons like “I speak Anishinabe” (which is rarely true after one lesson)- they’re good ones such as “I like ice cream.”

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