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Five Great Sites

If I were on a desert island and I got to choose 5 web sites to bring with me this is what I’d choose:

Sometimes they directions aren’t the most direct but out of the 100 or so times I’ve used them they have steered me wrong only once.

The phone book online – I use it at least once a day. (They now include zip codes on their addresses which means the USPS zip finder got bumped from this lis.

Those who know me will be surprised to see a cooking site make this list but this site helped me track down the recipe for the roast garlic & chutney recipe from 128 – and for that I am grateful!

A tool that helps you to create citations in MLA bibliographic format. I use it more than you might think; this is for all of the students or parents of students.

OK – this is like asking for 3 more wishes – but there is no site I use more often than Google.

This weekend I’m going to the 2003 Rural Summit in Mankato. I’m hoping to bring back some fun new tools.

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