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Find your Finance Avenue

With absolutely no modesty the tool I’m going to talk about is one I have developed – with the help of my tech-friend Doug and my design-friend Jan.

Finance Avenue helps entrepreneurs find funding. The entrepreneur answers 7 questions and then receives a list of funders that are most likely to fund the business. Actually he would get tow list – one list includes the types of funders that would work (such as venture capital or SBIC – and those terms are defined). The second list links the entrepreneurs to specific lenders, investors, or grants that would help based on location, industry, need, and opportunity. (It can work for nonprofit managers too!)

WARNING: Finance Avenue is in not really ready for prime time yet. A few functions aren’t quite functioning, there is at least one heinous typo, and I have just begun to add resources to the database – but you can be the first on your block to see it. Please let me know what you think!

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