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Party Planning Ideas and Help

This week is my oldest daughter’s fifth birthday. It’s a big week for us! So in honor or Lily I’m going to share some fun party-planning sites. (Some are good for grown up parties too.) I have tried not to include sites with pop-up ads; most party sites seem to include ads.

E-Invite – template invitations you can send via email. You fill in the blanks, including up to 500 email addresses, and they do the rest. (This one has a pop-up ad.)

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas – at the bottom of this site is a great list of party themes – from circus to King Arthur. Click through on simple ideas for keeping with the theme. (I like this similar site too.)

Emily Post – how often do I get a chance to mention this site? It has some great advice for business and social occasions. (They even have etiquette for video conferencing!)

Birthday Cake Ideas – they have everything from a castle cake to a rainbow fish.

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