Computer Tips

Google Toolbar is Coolest Tool

This week I am going to talk about one of my favorite tools – The Google Toolbar. It’s quick and simple – but it’s also great!

The Google search engine offers a number of advanced features – such as Google Image Search, Froogle (comparison shopping tool) and more. You can peruse the list on the Services & Tools page. Towards the end of the list you will see Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar is a quick enhancement you can download for your web browser. It will attach a small Google search application under your existing browser toolbar. Once installed you can start a search without visiting the Google site – simply type in your keywords into your Google Toolbar, hit return and the search will be performed.

The download is simple too. Go to the Google Toolbar site, select a language, and click on the get the toolbar button. After that follow the simple instructions and within 3 clicks you’re up and running. It’s the best 5 minute you could spend in a week!

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