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Another Online Book Discussion by MRP

Minnesota Rural Partners and E-Democracy are hosting their second online book discussion. I hope that you will join us for this email-based book club.

The book is Longitudes and Attitudes by Thomas Friedman. I will be moderating the discussion and I hate to admit to you that I haven’t even started the book – so it’s not too late for you to start reading too. Discussion is set to occur during the last two weeks of October. You can learn more about the book and join the book club on the MRP web site.

Your local, independent book seller or library is a great place to get the book. If you don’t have a local book shop, the local library copy is out, or you just prefer to buy online please consider using the link from the MRP site to Amazon. They give MRP a portion of each sale. (MRP is a nonprofit.)

Also reader Tom from St Paul pointed out after last week’s Byte that the most correct version of @ in the html code is @ – which I have started using. (Although the version I had been using without the final ; seemed to work too.) Thanks Tom!

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