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Add a Poll or Quiz to Your Web Site

Polls and quizzes can be a great way to add interaction to your web site. A poll can help you gauge the tastes and trends of your visitors. A quiz can be a quick and effective way to share information.

There are a few free, web-based services that will allow you to build small polls and quizzes for your web site. The tools are very easy to build. The result is either an html code for a poll (or quiz) that you can post onto your site or a link to a web site that contains your site.

The free tools you can build are generally limited to one question and will often include ads – but they are free and simple. Most (all) services include a fee-based service too that includes multiple questions and no ads.

For today’s Byte I checked out Alxnet.com (http://www.alxnet.com). You need to register, but registration is free and they provide free services. It took me 3 minutes to create a poll. You can check it out on their site or on mine (below).

It’s not as versatile as you might hope for – but for free it’s not bad.

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