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Online Tax Help

Tax time is right around the corner. If you need to file taxes for a business, the deadline is weeks away. For personal taxes you have a little more time. Either way here are some web sites and info to get you started:

Free File (IRS) – Through partnerships with local tax preparers, the IRS is offering free filing for many individuals.

E-File (IRS) – Again the IRS has partnered with local companies to offer low cost (sometimes free) help for businesses.

*By the way the IRS web site is terrific! I’m not just saying that to maximize my no-audit karma. It’s worth a look. It’s even available in Spanish!

In Minnesota you can find tax forms and information at the following sites:
For individuals
For businesses/nonprofits

Outside of MN, the site can point you to your state resource.

Just for fun you might want to find out where your taxes go. is a fun site that talks about all aspects of the US congress (good and bad) – I particularly liked their Top 10 Things Your Taxes Pay For.

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