Make Sure Search Engines Can Find All of Your Pages

Everyone who has a web site wants to increase traffic. One step is to make sure that the search engines are indexing all of your web pages. Sometimes they only catch your homepage. Sometimes they catch pages that you thought had been deleted!

While every search engine is slightly different, checking how you are indexed with Google will give you a good idea of how you are doing in general. To see how many of your pages are indexed with Google do a search on:
[] – replace with your actual domain name.

Google will return the number of pages indexed on your site; by following the simple directions on the bottom of the Google screen you can view the pages that they index. It makes sense to peruse this list periodically to make sure they are finding all of your pages. Also, check to make sure pages you thought had been removed were indeed removed from the server.

It’s an easy mistake for a web designer to simply eliminate all links to a given page and not remove the actual page. However, if the page can be found by Google, it can also be found by visitors. This can cause problems if they are accessing outdated information such as pricing.

To see how you score with other search engines, check out Audit-It. They will tell you only how many pages are indexed not which ones.

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