Finding Good Keywords for Your Web Site

Last week I mentioned Overture as a service where you can buy keyword ads. Today I want to talk about one of their very neat, free tools. (Also there’s a bonus opportunity to promote your business mentioned at the bottom of this email.)

The Search Term Suggestion Tool tells you how often a word is searched on Overture’s partner search engines. For example, I typed in [treacy] and learned that 141 searches had been done on treacy in December 2003; 477 searches had been done on [phillip treacy]; none had been done on [ann treacy].

This is a great tool for anyone who has a web site and wants to be found by search engine users. One key is to getting found is to include on your web site a lot of keyword terms that describe your business AND are used by searchers. A good way to do this is to brainstorm the likely terms that a customer might use to find you or someone like you. Then test those terms on the Term Tool and use the most popular terms often on your site.

I tested [saint paul] and found 7,489 people searched for that term, while 10,851 searched for [st paul]. Now there might be a way for me to use both terms on my site – but when there’s only room for one, the choice is clear. When balancing keyword use with readability sometimes there is only room for one. Even if you don’t have a web site it’s a fun tool to check out.

Promote Your Business on the MRP Directory

Before the holidays I mentioned a new web site that featured local shops and services that would make nice gifts. Well, it was so popular that Minnesota Rural Partners is creating a local business-to-business directory of services. To get listed you simply need to sign up for BizPathways, a free online service for entrepreneurs and then send a note to me ( telling me that you want to be listed on this site. The site will be posted in mid-February.

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