Web Developer Tools

Need a Map for your Site?

Today’s Byte is for the Web Developers. This week I was reminded of one of my favorite freebie web tools- MapQuest Business Solution Maps.

If you need to provide a map on your site and budget is an issue, I strongly suggest looking into MapQuest’s Link Free product. With it you can provide a link to a detailed, interactive map of a single location. Visitors will be able to zoom in, zoom out, or enter their address for door to door directions. Here is an example.

I suspect most of us have used Map Quest for door to door directions. I have heard that they don’t always provide the quickest route from A to B – but I have always had good luck using them. If you haven’t tried MapQuest for directions, think about them next time you’re going to a new location.

This week I will be in Hibbing at the Rural Summit so I may be more difficult to reach. I will be reading email and listening to messages – or you can follow the direction in the example above to track me down in person.

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