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Digital Photomats

I don’t know a lot about digital pictures or cameras. But lately I have a renewed interest – maybe due to new baby – and I’ve been running into places where you can post your pictures for free.

Generally the deal is that these web sites will allow you to upload digital pictures for free and your friends and family can then order the pictures through their service. You seem to be able to upload unlimited number of pictures, edit pictures, and share them digitally – all for free.

Here are a couple of services that I’d tried:

Snap Fish
They offer digital camera prints for 15¢ and film developing for as low as $2.99 per roll.

They offer “Kodak” prints for 22¢ and seem to offer a wide range of print sizes.

I have used both of these services as the friend of a photographer and I must say they were easy to use and I was able to get free copies of the digital pictures. Photographers have told me that they are easy to use too.

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