For Kids

Homework Helpers

Today my oldest daughter starts school. In honor of this momentous step I thought I’d look into some online homework helpers:

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper – apparently created by a high school student, and hosted by, this is a directory of great sites to use for your homework (like Cliff Notes)

The Internet Public Library – manages virtual shelves of web resources, a teen area that includes guides for writing papers, and kidspace for younger kids. IPL also offers Ask a Librarian sections where you can ask questions of librarians. (I am a former volunteer.)

Check with your local public library. Most offer email-base reference services, which I use and love. Many will provide even more support and guidance to students. For example, St Paul provides supplies and mentors to help students in the library.

Two Byte subscribers recently started blogs; I thought we might all be interested in them:

In Pursuit of a Master’s Degree – Sue Stromquist writes about her experience as a student in the first class of a degree in advocacy and public policy out of UMD.

Sheldon Mains writes two blogs, the first relates to nonprofit management issues; the second is a personal blog on politics and community issues of local interest ( Twin Cities).

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