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Did you vote yesterday?

The primaries were yesterday. Did you vote? I did – in the rain with two kids dragging behind me. I won’t bore you with my political views – but I do implore you to get out and vote on November 2. To help you prepare I am listing some fun political resources:

E-Democracy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan information resource on local politics in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Iowa, and Winona. The best part of – Democracy is the online and email discussion among citizens – anyone is welcome to join and share their opinions respectfully.

MyBallot is another Minnesota resource. You type in your address and it will tell you who’s on the ballot and where you should go to vote.

Balanced Politics is an interesting site that appears to outline the pros and cons of major issues as well as links to less neutral sites on the topics and reader comments.

Remember to register. There are plenty of places to do that online, such as the Rock the Vote. And remember to vote!

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