Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Without Changing Your Web Site

Today’s tip is for folks who have a web site. If you have a web site, you are probably looking for ways to get found more easily on the search engines. Normally you do this by making changes to your site. One trick that doesn’t involve your actual web site is – sending out a press release that links to your web site. The steps are pretty easy:

1. Write a press release. Think of a topic that is even remotely newsworthy. Maybe you have a new product or service enhancement. Maybe you’re having a big sale or giving a presentation to an association.

2. Include your URL in the press release. Then readers can link directly to you from the press release.

3. Send your press release to a service such as PRWeb. They will distribute your release for free. (Enhanced distribution is about $30.) PRWeb will send your press release to thousands of people – but that’s not the best part. They will also archive your press release on their web site. Search engines (especially Google) seem to pick up these press releases very quickly. Like potential visitors, the search engines will follow the link on the release to your site. It’s a quick and easy way to get their attention or remind them that you exist.

I have had great luck with client web sites and press releases. Hopefully these steps will help you too. If you’re interested in the idea but don’t have the time and would rather outsource it – feel free to give me a call.

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