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New Resolutions

Here’s an idea for New Years – take a day to fine tune your computer. If you treat it right, it will perform better for you and last longer. Here are a few steps that can help:

  1. Get a tune up. PC Pitstop is a web site that will perform free diagnostics on your computer. Visit the site, select “full PC tune up” and their system will test your computer for problems and potential problems. The testing takes a few minutes but once it is complete, PC Pitstop will rate your computer’s performance in eight areas: system, memory, disk, video, Internet, Windows, security, and comparison to similar systems.
  2. Start repairing your system. PC Pitstop will give you step-by-step instructions to help you fix any designated areas. The instructions are not written for the technically inclined, but written for someone who is comfortable using a computer.
  3. Back up your files. You can do this by burning a copy of all of your files to a CD or disk. If you don’t have a CD burner and you have too many files for a disk, consider copying your files to an online storage source. All the Space ( is a web site that tracks free and low cost online storage merchants.
  4. Update Virus Protection. There are two popular brands of virus protection (MacAfee and Symantec). Both are good, both offer a contract for ongoing updates, and both are about the same cost. Choose one and follow the directions to make sure that you virus definitions are updated often and your system is checked regularly.

You’re done! Files should open a little more quickly and your transactions should be a little safer. If your computer hasn’t been serviced in a while you may recognize minutes of saving every day if not more. Isn’t that a good start to the New Year?

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