Making Life Easier

Recycle & Reuse

I love when the Internet can help us save time or do things better in our real life. I have found a couple of sites that will help you recycle, donate, or barter stuff you don’t want.

They link to a number of local discussion lists where members post items that they are willing to give away. The bad news is you have to join Yahoo Groups to see the posts. The good news is that (at least in the Twin Cities) the groups look very active.

Craig’s List
There are Craig’s Lists all around the world. The link above goes to the Minneapolis-based site but there are links on the right to other sites. Each Craig’s List has a “for sale” and “free” section. Visitors post notes on things they want to buy, sell, barter or give. Again, these groups are very active.

ABC Free
This is a national site where people post items that they want to give or get. You can search by keyword and/or location. The spin here is that local schools get to see the free stuff before anyone else – so it benefits schools.

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