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Today’s Byte is for those of us who wish we had more time or money to give to charity – but we don’t. Here are little ways to “do good” that either take little effort or capitalize on things you were going to do anyways.

Dining Out for Life
This is a national event, held of different days (April 28 in Minnesota), where participating restaurants will donate part of their proceeds to AIDS research. (It’s good excuse to eat out!)

The Animal Rescue Site
This is one of those sites where you click on a link and the sponsoring web site will donate a small amount of money to a given charity (in this case animal rescue). The idea is that if you link daily the donations will add up. (I know that many of you have your own favorite sites like this – send ‘em to me and I’ll send them on in the bottom of next week’s Byte.)

When you want to or can write a check, this is a great place to research nonprofit organizations.

Volunteer March
When you want to or can donate some time to volunteer, this is a place to search for possibilities by location and/or interest area. I noticed that many of the jobs in my area were actually online jobs – so if I had the time I wouldn’t even have to leave my home.

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