A Quick Byte

The Byte is a day early this week so that I can tell you that today is free scoop day at Ben & Jerry’s – available noon to 8 pm. Really any news pales in comparison to free ice cream, but…

The rest of the Byte is for folks with web sites and/or an interest in search engine optimization (getting your site to rank highly with the search engines). Marketleap has three online tools to help you track the “searchability” of your site:
Keyword Verification – Tell you if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a certain keyword.

Search Engine Saturation – Tells you how many of the pages within your web site are indexed (found) by search engines.

Link Popularity Check – Tells you how many pages link to your site and compares that info to other sites in your industry.

Thanks to Jan in Wisconsin for telling me about Market Leap.

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