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5 Web Site Tips

Here are five simple suggestions to give your web site a boost with search engines and users.

  1. Print out the pages and read them. Is the info still true? How are your spelling and grammar? Fix any mistakes.
  2. Post some news or a tip or a quote on your homepage and commit to changing it on a regular basis. That will encourage search engines and visitors to come to your site more often.
  3. Is you homepage one big graphic or a Flash animation? Large graphics and animation are hard for search engines to catalog, hard for the visually impaired to “read”, and hard for low bandwidth folks to download it. Consider a new, more text-friendly design if your homepage is more than 30% graphics – especially if that 30% is at the top.
  4. Add a site map. Search engines love them and many web users are turning to site maps the way readers turn to book indexes. A site map is just a list of links to the various pages in your site.
  5. Do you have dated pictures on your site? Get new ones and make them color photos – unless there’s a good reason to go black and white. Certainly don’t mix and match haphazardly. (And for smarty pants friends, I know the picture on my web site is 10 years old but I haven’t changed!)

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