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Back to School

My kids are back to school next week. We’re very excited! To get back into the swing and because we’ve had lots of questions we have been researching weather (hurricanes) online, which has led to today’s Byte – online resources for students and parents.

These are the people who sell the books you always wanted to order when you were at school. They have a nice hurricane site.

FEMA for Kids
This is the Federal Emergency Management Agency site. Their “what’s happening now” link tells you about any recent disaster areas and what FEMA is doing to help.

This is Yahoo for kids, with fewer ads and more access to information. They only index sites that are good for kids.

Here are some good homework helpers:

BJ Pinchbeck
An index of sites organized by a teenager to help kids with homework.

Homework Spot
Looks like good info for projects and reports.

Homework Help from

Your public or school library – you knew I was going to mention them. Online or in person the libraries are great. Online and in person – the librarian will help your student find information without doing the homework for them. The Internet Public Library is a great place to start.

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