Internet Info on Katrina

It’s been hard to watch the events unfold in the South during and after Hurricane Katrina. It has also been interesting and heartening to see how the Internet community has created opportunities to help – demonstrating once again the global nature of the Internet:

Craig’s List of New Orleans is a community bulletin board where people post wants ads, jobs ads, and more. There are lots of local Craig’s Lists. The list is New Orleans has become a great tool for posting news, needs, and support.

Just as it sounds, Share Your Home is a site where families offer to share homes and families in-need sign up for help.

Katrina Aid Wiki is a community maintained site that posts resources, news, and a help board. Speaking of wikis (web sites where everyone can post edits and additions) PeopleFinderVolunteer is a volunteer effort to consolidate info from the many other sites that track victims and survivors.

On a local basis, Minnesota Public Radio has been tracking the migration of 3000 New Orleans transplants to Camp Ripley in Minnesota. You can learn more and lean how to help on the MPR web site.

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