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Lindskoog Florist & the MIA

I have a new favorite commercial site: Lindskoog Florist in downtown Minneapolis. I kind of think of Lindskoog as THE skyway florists. (I was happy to see they service outside the skyways too.)

I had reason this weekend to visit their web site and I just love it. They are currently hosting a contest to win $100 by answering one question that is answered on the site. The site is really well organized – it even starts with specials, which I have to admit is where I start when buying flowers.

The search feature is helpful (especially when answering the contest question) and the site map is called the index, which is another thing I love.

My least favorite web site of the weekend is the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It has been down all weekend. All I get is an error statement, which is too bad because often I love the MIA site – partially because they are usually so up-to-date.

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