Email Tips


I have a new favorite service on the Internet – Simplelists.

They provide email list services – like the old listservs, which used to be easy to get. Well, I have looked high and low for a low-cost service to use for email newsletters or ongoing conversations among groups. These guys are the best I could find. (Here is more info on email lists.)

I like them so much that I have moved the Byte of the Week over to their service. For less than $100 per year I can maintain this list. (I used to just send messages to all of you through my email client, which was OK when the list was smaller but time consuming now.) The people at Simplelists have been helpful. The cost is right. They are sensitive to misuse of email but flexible enough in their rules to be practical for commercial use. As I said, they’re my faves!

On an unrelated note – today is the Winter Solstice. Here’s a fun site on the solstice.

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