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Search Engine Ranking

Two quick items this week. One is related to what I actually do; the otherisn’t.

Search Engine Ranking Tool 

If you have a web site – one of your goals is to make sure that customerscan find you easily with the search engines. This online tool will let youtype in your web site address and a couple of potential search terms andwill then tell you how you rank with seven of the top search engines,including Google, Yahoo and MSN. I use a tool like this (except my tool iskind of expensive) when I assess web sites.

Coleen Rowley gave a presentation to a group of librarians yesterday. Shespoke on balancing civil liberties and security and she was just great. Shehas a chapter on that topic online at:  I won’t sayanything else – but I know lots of people on this list are interested in allaspects of information and I think her take on the freedom of information isfun to hear or read.

(I will admit that I’m member of the librarian groupand arranged the meeting for yesterday so I’m also thankful to Coleen fortaking the time to talk to us.)

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