Research / Web 2.0


I ran across a super fun site today – LibriVox ( -their catch line is “acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.” They catalog and store audio recordings of books in the public domain.

Through LibriVox you can download an old favorite or read and upload arecording of an old favorite. I think the literary and library folks on theByte list will like the site – but also I think it’s a fun way to see how some of this audio over the Internet works.

LibriVox does a good job of explaining how to download the software you needto access their files and various steps to take to get everything working.

One word of warning: these files are large so it takes a while to downloadthem. We’re taking a family/work trip to Brainerd next week and I might tryto download some files to keep kids entertained in the back. LibriVox led me to (, a site that seems to focus on kids’ books.

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