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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I found a web email list tool that I loved. You might not remember because that message may have never reached you, which leads me to report that I no longer love
Having lunch with some Byte subscribers I learned that they hadn’t heard from me in weeks. If you have been missing me too – I apologize.

I’m trying a new list and I thank Rick & Mike from Minneapolis for setting me up with it. (Unfortunately they don’t really offer lists commercially or I’d tell you all about it.) For this week’s Byte I have a quick Valentine’s tip:

Poems for Free:

It’s just what it sounds like. There’s a special section for Valentine’s Day:

For those who have missed me, you can see most recent Bytes on my blog, which I’m trying to be better about updating:

You can see older posts on my web site: which I’m trying to migrate to the blog. I’m doing this in my free time so it’s a little slow.

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