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Vacation Tips

Here in no particular order are some sites that might help you on a trip or while planning for a trip. Sadly this is purely academic for me; I’m not actually going on a trip any time soon.


This is a great online money conversion tool.

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Now I can finally explain to my mother-in-law in Dublin how cold it really gets here!

Yahoo Weather

Enter your zip for a 5+ day forecast or click through the menus to find local weather around the globe.


Searches 100 travel web sites to show you the best deals. (Looking for more sites like this? Here’s a good review on travel search engines:  


A web site translation tool, you can ask it to translate a block of text or entire web site. If you have a web site you can provide a quick link to this site from your own so that people can easily translate your site. The translations aren’t perfect – but probably better than I can do with a dated French Minor.

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