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I’ve talked about blogs before – they are web logs where the author posts regular articles, generally on a given topic. People use them to show off a hobby, keep their audience updated on a project or event, demonstrate their expertise, or many other reasons.

Blogger (www.blogger.com) is a free blog creation tool and hosting service. I like it. It’s easy to use even if you haven’t built a web site. It’s easy to update. There are several nice templates to choose for your layout. It archives old blog articles. There is one hitch. Many blog tools will allow you to easily organize article by category as well as chronology. It’s a nice way to help your readers follow articles in a given vein or thread. Blogger does not have this feature.

Well this week I found a tool that helps you organize Blogger articles by category. First you use the tool to create code that you need to paste into your blog to show your categories: http://www.mobibo.com/gencat.htm

Next you have to add this code into the template of your blog, which you can do fairly easily from the Blogger admin tool.

Finally you have to make sure that the terms you use in your categories are used in the titles or text of the article you want to put into each category.

For more details instructs visit the following: http://shorl.com/dunudryralany  

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