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Word for Brochures

Here is a word on Word. Last week I used Microsoft Word to create a custom brochure. Someone else created a nice logo and image for the brochure and I used the header and footer fields to keep them in place on the page and now the final client can type in the text they want. It was surprisingly easy to do.

Get the Page Set Up

  1. Open a new document
  2. Select PAGE SETUP (under menu item FILE)
  3. Under the MARGINS tab choose the dimensions and layout you want
  4. Under the LAYOUT tab select “Different first page” in the headers/footers section

Place the Images

  1. View the HEADERS AND FOOTERS (under menu item VIEW)
  2. Paste images (in header and/or footer area)
  3. Double click on the image and select the LAYOUT tab
  4. Select wrapping style (Square worked best for me)
  5. Select a Horizontal Alignment and the ADVANCED TAB
  6. Under the advanced tab you can select the actual placement of the picture either by selecting comparative or numeric placement. (You can get the image to the edge of the page by selecting to place it compared to the edge.)
  7. Because you have selected “different first page” in page setup, you can create 2 different page (or side of a brochure)

Add text

  1. You can create multiple CLOUMNS under Format to add text it various panels
  2. Or insert a TEXT BOX into each panel for text

Skip the columns section above and you could create letterhead or flyer templates this way as well. (Or check out the Microsoft templates for a brochure template.)

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