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2006 Annual Thanksgiving Quiz

1. According to a recent Cub survey (Cub is a grocery store chain in Minnesota), what is the favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
Stuffing (at 36%)
Potatoes 28%
Pie 29%
Green bean casserole

2. According to, which side dishes would people be happiest to live without?
Green bean casserole 28.2%
Gelatin (Jell-O) salad 51.4%
Sweet potato casserole 26.1%
Cranberry sauce 22.2%

3. According to TripAdvisor, will more people be traveling home for Thanksgiving by plane, train, or automobile?
56 trip via car,
41 percent via plane
Train wasn’t actually listed

4. How long can you keep leftover turkey in the fridge?
1 month
1 week
3 days
What leftovers?

5. How many cranberries are used in one gallon of cranberry juice?

6. How many people comprise the average Thanksgiving Day celebration?
On average, survey respondents celebrate Thanksgiving with 9.1 people. However, in the North Central and South Central regions of the country, celebration sizes increase to 10.3 and 10.2 people respectively.

7. Who is the least likely member of the family to cook the turkey? (No names please, we’re looking for family role.)

I want to thank everyone on the byte list for reading the bytes and sending occasional nice notes. Here are the answers:
1. stuffing at 36%; 2. Jello salad at 51% followed by green bean casserole at 28%; 3. 56% by car and 4`% by plane; 4. 3 days; 5, 4,400; 6. 9; 7. Grandpa (although my kids guessed mom.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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