Web 2.0

Social Networking site for Grown Ups

A couple of months ago I gave a presentation on Web 2.0 with my friend David Erickson. Someone in the audience asked us about whether there was a MySpace or FaceBook for grown ups. Well, I found one. Boomj.com (http://www.boomj.com).

They call themselves the Lifestyle and Social Network for Baby Boomers and Generation Jones (who were born between 1965 and 1965). They have a chat area, groups, blogs, videos, an event area, and plenty of places to buy things. In fact the opportunity to purchase is much greater here than on MySpace.

It doesn’t appear to be as lively as MySpace – but perhaps that because they require you to sign up to see the chat and event spaces. It doesn’t have a Google Page Rank so I suspect the site is pretty new.

OK I wrote the above article on Monday and so far I have seen 2 other articles claiming that FaceBook is now for grownups too. So I set up an account there – but I still get the feeling that it’s for people looking for love or friendship more than business connections – but I also noted that you probably get out what you put into it – and I didn’t put in much.

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