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AARCEE Party Rental is Up!

AARCEE Party & Tent Rental has supplies for parties, weddings, corporate events and more. I love visiting their shop because they have lots of beautiful tables with fun, festive and elegant settings.

Well we just did an intervention with a new web site . They have always had a nice catalog that folks have found easy to use. The catalog include hundreds if not a thousand items – so we didn’t want to change anything there. But there page was entirely in php – no html so no visible text for the search engines and therefore the search engines were not picking up the pages.

So we’re recreated the pages in html and created connections from the pages to the catalog. We’ve gone live today and I’ll be keep an eye on how long it takes for Google to find the new site. Some people say it’s not worth submitting a site to the search engines – but I disagree. In a case where there have been major changes that I want tracked quickly I submit (or re-submit) and generally I find it does help.

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