Email Tips

Getting your Email past Their Filter.

It seems as if I have email filters on the brain this summer. Although for a change of pace I’m going to talk today about how to make sure that your email reaches your recipient and isn’t caught in a spam filter. Here are 5 quick tips:

  1. Don’t use spam-type words in the subject. You know them when you see them (free, urgent, you may have already won); your spam filter knows them too. For a list of specific words not to use check out the following site.
  2. Minimize use of colors and capitalization. Both will send a red flag to the filter.
  3. Use a signature file (contact info at the bottom of your email). This will actually gain you respect in the eyes of the filter and it provides ready contact info to the recipient.
  4. If or when you cite a web site in email use the full address (include the http://) or the spam filters will put you on alert. Also using the full address ensures that users of all email clients should be able to link to the site.
  5. For 16 more tips, check out the following article: 20 Ways Opt-in E-Mailers Can Outsmart Spam Filters.)

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